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From: Emorey Ardale
Subject: Four of a Kind”So what are we going to do?” Carlos asked. It was only the first week of
summer vacation and they were already bored.Clint was bored anyway. He was grounded for two weeks because of bad
grades. He was fourteen and stuck at home with his little brother and his
brother’s two friends. All three of them played on the same little league
team the past spring and were always together. Clint was laying on his bed
listening to them whine about being bored, looking at the playing cards his
grandmother had sent him from Las Vegas.”I dunno. It’s too frickin hot to go outside.” Matt replied half-heartedly.Matt was Clint’s twelve-year-old brother. They both had the same sandy
blond and green eyes. Matt pissed Clint off by cutting his hair the exact
same way, just over their ears and long enough to cover their necks. Clint
was taller and a little leaner where Matt was a little stocky. “When’s your
pool gonna be ready Carlos?”Carlos shook his head “Beats me, I hope before summer’s over.”Carlos was Hispanic, he was lanky and almost as tall as Clint even though
he was only twelve. Carlos’s dad made him keep his hair short and neat no
matter how much he begged to grow it out. He was the best player on their
team and the only one picked to be on the all star team. He was also the
quiet one and by far the most popular with the girls. He always had a new
girlfriend and a couple more calling him.”We could play X-box.” Carlos offered.”Yeah right.” Matt said sarcastically Preteen Models Tube “Hey Clint. Why don’t you tell them
why we can’t play X-box.”Clint stopped looking at the cards, “Hey it wasn’t just my fault. You’re
report card sucked to.”Their mom had put the X-box away for a month because they had both brought
home Cs on their last report card. Matt had one and Clint had two, hence
Clint’s two weeks of grounding.Carlos looked over at Colby who was lying down on the floor looking at the
ceiling scratching his balls “Colby wake up! You got any ideas?”Colby kept looking at the ceiling with his hand down the front of his
shorts, “Nope. I got nuthin.”Clint had an idea “You guys ever play poker?”Matt shook his head.Carlos said “Yeah I played with my dad a couple of times.”"We could try playing, you guys have any money?” Clint asked.”I’m not playing for real money. Don’t you have poker chips?” Carlos asked.”No we don’t.” Clint didn’t want to play for money any way “Hmmmm…you
know we could play strip poker. You know just to make it more interesting.”Matt made a funny face, “I don’t know about that, strip poker where you
take your clothes off?”Carlos had the same look, “Yeah I don’t know either. Just us, sounds gay to
me.”Colby rolled over and jumped up. “Sounds like fun to me and it beats
sitting here doing nothing. I think you two are chicken. You’re afraid
we’re gonna see your teeny little weenies.”Colby started clucking, doing his chicken impression. Colby was Clint’s
favorite out of Matt’s friends. He was the youngest at eleven and by far
the smallest but he was a little spark plug. He was probably a good enough
player to make the all star team with Carlos but the coach had selected
only older boys. Besides he had beat the crap out of the coach’s son at
school. He had blond hair, a freckled nose and big blue eyes and was one
off those kids that would do or say anything. He had been suspended for two
weeks for giving the bus driver the double bird and then flashing her after
she yelled at him for wrestling with Matt on the bus. He also had a wicked
sense humor. Once he spent the night with Matt, Clint woke up because
something had brushed against his face, when he opened his eyes Colby’s
bare ass was right in his face, before he could push him out of the way
Colby blasted him with a loud and raunchy smelling fart.”Yeah c’mon, don’t be a couple of pussies.” Clint chimed in. Clint wasn’t
sure why he wanted to do this. There was just something that excited him
about the thought of seeing Carlos and especially Colby naked.Matt watched Colby act like a chicken. He and Colby had a love/hate
relationship. They hung out together all the time but sometimes Colby
really drove him nuts. “Fine I’ll frickin do it.”.Carlos didn’t like being called a pussy, “Okay I’m in to, just one
thing. No else finds out, it stays just between us, right?”Everyone nodded in agreement. They all sat down on the floor and Clint
shuffled the cards. He explained the rules to Matt and Colby and dealt the
cards. It took a couple Preteen Models Tube
of hands before they were all laughing and having a
good time. Colby was the first one out and completely naked. He didn’t
really understand the game but mostly didn’t care at all about being
naked. When he was down to his boxers and lost his final hand, he made a
big production out taking them off. He did his best sexy dance, taking his
boxers off real slow and then tossing them right in Matt’s face. Matt threw
them back and gave Colby the finger.Matt was the next player out. He was too emotional. Clint and Carlos could
always tell how good or bad his hand was by the look of joy or despair on
his face. He stood up, quickly pulled his boxers off, sat back down and
covered his boyhood with his hands.Clint and Carlos were evenly matched and quite a few hands later they were
both down to their boxers. They were playing five card draw with deuces
wild. Clint lucked out and was dealt three eights and a deuce. He drew
another deuce, when they laid down the cards he easily beat Carlos’s three
kings. Carlos shook his head stood up and took his boxers off and like Matt
sat right back down and covered himself with his hands. “Yaaaay Clint!!” Colby cheered as he leapt over to Clint and sat down on
his head.Clint pushed him off laughing “Get your smelly butt off me spaz.”"Well I guess that’s it. It was kind of fun” Matt said.Carlos agreed, “It was alright, I guess we could play again.”"You mean everyone get dressed again and start over?” Clint asked.Carlos just shrugged.”I’ve got a better idea.” Colby offered.”What Colby?” Matt asked, he was worried, Colby’s ideas usually led to some
kind of trouble.Colby sat back down with everyone. “Well we could keep going except we play
for dares.”Clint was curious, “What’s that mean?” .”Well the winner gives the player with the crappiest cards a dare and he
has do it.” Colby explained.Clint liked that idea, “I’ll do it.” He looked over at Carlos and Matt.Carlos shrugged again “What the heck, I’ll do it.”Matt looked at the other three. Colby was giving him that crazy smile. “I
don’t know, playing dare games with Preteen Models Tube
Colby is a little frickin scary.Colby smiled even bigger “P-P- P-Pussy!!” Colby yelled like a hog call at
Matt.”Yeah Matt don’t be such a loser” Clint added.Matt scowled at both of them. “God I hate you two. I’ll do it but only if
Clint starts even with us.”"Sounds fair.” Colby said looking at Clint “C’mon take ‘em off big boy.”Clint stood up and shucked off his boxers “Alright.”, and sat back downColby gave him loud cat call. Preteen Models Tube “Damn Preteen Models Tube Clint you’ve got a big ol’ hairy
weiner.”Clint was the only one that had pubic hair.”Shut up Colby. Okay everyone agrees then you have to do the dare you’re
given, no pussing out.” Clint clarifiedEveryone agreed. Clint dealt out Preteen Models Tube the first hand. After everyone drew and
laid down their cards Colby was the big winner and unbelievably Clint was
the big loser. Colby jumped up and did a little victory dance.Clint watched him for a bit then said “Get it over with already Colby.”Colby stopped dancing. He put one hand on his hip and scratched his chin
with the other, “Hmmmm.. I like you Clint so I’ll give you an easy one. You
have to go do ten big jumps on the your trampoline.” Colby said smiling.”You’ve got to be kidding.” Clint said and Colby shook his head. Clint got up, headed out of his room and out the back door into the
yard. The yard Preteen Models Tube
had high block wall around it so he wasn’t too worried about
someone seeing him. He got up on the trampoline and started jumping. The
other boys were watching out the bedroom window.Colby opened the window “Those don’t count, I said ten big jumps!”Clint started getting more height. Matt picked up the phone and dialed a
number.Carlos saw Matt with the phone. “What are you doing?”"I’m calling Melissa next door and telling her to come outside.” Matt said
chuckling.Melissa was their chubby thirteen year old neighbor who had a massive crush
on Clint. The phone kept ringing”Damn it no answer.” “…..eight, nine, ten. Okay you’re done” Colby
yelled at Clint. Clint came back in the room a few moments later “That sucked.”Matt was laughing, “You’re so lucky. I called Melissa to come out and watch
you but she wasn’t home.”"Nice, dickhead.” Clint said, “Your deal Colby.”Colby fumbled with cards but eventually got them dealt. This time Clint won
and Matt was the loser.”Paybacks are a bitch” Clint said giving Matt the eye, “You know mom said
to be sure to bring the paper in before someone takes it. Guess you should
go get it now.”"You mean I have to go out front?” Matt verified “C’mon I was just kidding”Clint Preteen Models Tube shook his head “Go”.They all followed Matt out to the living room. He took a deep breath and
opened the door and looked around. No one was out, it was too damn hot. He
sprinted out across the driveway, picked up the paper and sprinted
back. When he got back to the door it wouldn’t open. He started pounding on
it and his friends finally let him.”Assholes!” Matt yelled at everyone. “That’s the fastest I’ve ever seen you run Matty” Colby teased.”No shit. That concrete is frickin hot. My feet were on fire.” Matt replied
angrily.They all went back to the bedroom. Clint dealt the cards out, Colby won
again and Carlos had the worst hand.Colby looked around the room “You know Carlos your such a stud with the
girls. See the bean bag chair?”Carlos looked over at the bean bag chair “Yeah?”"Lets see how good you are. Go over there and hump that chair” Colby stood
up and did a couple of thrusts in the air to demonstrate.”You’re such a little dick” Carlos said “How long do I have to do it for?”"Like a minute. I’ll let you know when you’re done.” Colby replied, “You
can pretend its Katrina”Katrina was Carlos’s latest girlfriend. Carlos went over to the bean bag
chair and dragged it out of the corner. He leaned against it and started
giving it some half hearted thrusts “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”All the other boys started hooting and laughing. When Colby had figured
Carlos was about done he snuck up behind him “You’re doing it all wrong,
faster like this.”He put a hand on each of Carlos’s butt cheeks and started to pushing them
faster.Carlos spun around pushed Colby away “Get off me, dumbass!” He shook his
head at Colby, it Preteen Models Tube
was hard to stay mad him.Matt won the next round and Colby ended up with worst hand. Matt thought
about a good dare for Colby. The hard part was thinking of something Colby
wouldn’t like to do. “We got to see Carlos in action. Lets see you pretend
that you’re a girl getting screwed.”Colby thought for a moment, “Okay I can do that.”He jumped up on their bed and spread his legs apart, then pulled his knees
back so they were almost back to his head. His butt was pointing at his
friends.”Ooooooo, ahhhhhhhhh.” Colby started making the loudest bad porn, over the
top sex moans.The other boys stared in disbelief. Matt was pissed because it was obvious
that Colby was having a great time. Clint was having some other
feelings. Something about Colby was turning him on and he was starting to
get hard.Carlos finally put an end to it, “Dude that’s good, everyone’s seen enough
of your butt hole.”Colby sat up with a big smile, very pleased with himself. Matt couldn’t
believe it “Where’d you learn that Colby.”"From your mom.” Colby replied without even missing a beat.Colby had actually learned it from seeing about five minutes of one of his
older brother’s pornos. His brother had caught him and kicked him out of
his room. That really pissed off Matt, he stood up and took a step towards
Colby before Carlos stopped him and told him to sit down. Carlos and Clint
were both laughing hysterically.When everyone was under control again, Colby had another suggestion. “Lets
make it more fun. Now the winner gets to tell the ones with the two baddest
hands what to do. Everyone agree?”It took some convincing but Matt finally agreed. The cards were dealt. Matt
was on a role and won again. Colby had the worst hand and Clint was the
second worst. Matt still wanted to get even with Clint for the newspaper
dare but he had given all hope of getting even with Colby.This was the opportunity Colby was looking for. He went over to Matt and
whispered something in his ear looking at Clint the whole time.”That’s pretty weird. He’s my brother.” Matt said.Colby whispered something else to Matt. “Okay. Here’s what you two have to
do. Clint, you have to stand up and Colby has to make you shoot.” Matt told
them.It was kind of crazy thing to have your brother do but he knew that Clint
would be big time embarrassed.”Make me shoot?” Clint asked. He thought he knew what they meant but
couldn’t believe it.”You know what he means. I have to make you cum, you know shoot your load.”
Colby explained.He had heard his brother and one off his friends talking about it once and
had been Preteen Models Tube
curious ever since. He had tried himself but no matter how long he
jerked off for it didn’t happen. Sometimes he got this really good feeling
but nothing ever came out. He had even messed around with another boy but
he didn’t shoot either. Colby finally asked his brother about it and he
told him that you usually had to have hair on your dick before you could
actually shoot any cum. As soon as Colby had seen Clint’s dick he started
thinking about making him shoot.Clint stood up and shook his head, “This is BS. It’s not even your idea.”Matt smiled and shrugged “Oh well.”Colby walked over to Clint and knelt down in front of him. “It’s cool, this
will be fun.” He said smiling Preteen Models Tube up at Clint.He took his hand and started playing with Clint’s dick. In no time at all
Clint was completely hard.”Holy shit, you’re dick is huge.” Colby exclaimed starting to stroke
Clint’s seven inch erection. It was a whole lot different than doing his.Everyone watched as Colby jerked off Clint.After a few minutes Colby asked, “You have cum before haven’t you?”Clint didn’t know what to say. He had cum plenty of times before but not
with an audience. Matt was really liking how uncomfortable Clint looked.”Well I guess this calls for something drastic.” Colby stated. He leaned
over and took Clint’s dick in his mouth and started sucking it. He stopped
after a moment and looked up at Clint “Not in my mouth, everyone has to see
you shoot. Okay?”Clint nodded as Colby went back to blowing him. The feeling of Colby’s
mouth on his dick was amazing and he was soon lost in the feeling, almost
forgetting that they were being watched.Matt started laughing “Oh my god, that is so frickin gross!”Carlos didn’t say anything he just watched. A couple of months ago Colby
had spent the night at his house. They were up late talking about girls and
sex when Colby had dared Carlos to let him suck his dick. He did and it
felt so good that the next two times Colby had spent the night, Carlos had
asked Colby to do it again. Colby had swore he would never tell anyone, so
Carlos watched and kept his mouth shut.It didn’t take too long before Clint could feel the orgasm building. It was
so different having someone else in control. The need to cum just kept
growing and growing, finally when he couldn’t take it anymore he pushed
Colby’s head away started to shoot stream after stream of thick cum in long
arcs that landed on the carpet in front of Carlos and Matt.”Yeah!! That was so f’ing awesome.” Colby said excitedlyClint was speechless and his legs were shaking so bad that he had a hard
time sitting down again.Matt chuckled “That was way gay.”He dealt the next hand. Colby won and Matt and Carlos were the losers.Colby had ignored the gay comment and now gave them both his most devilish
smile “Well I think you two are going to do a Preteen Models Tube sixty-nine.”It was something else he had heard his brothers talking about.”What’s a sixty-nine?” Matt asked.”You lay down on the floor.” Colby motioned to Matt.Matt eyed Colby suspiciously but did as he was told.”Okay. Now Carlos you get on top of Matt so his wiener is in your face and
yours is in his. Then you suck each Preteen Models Tube
other’s wieners.” Colby explained with
a big smile.”No way!!” Matt and Carlos protested at the same time. “You have to, we
all made a deal” Colby told them.Clint followed with “Yeah Colby and I did our dare, now it’s your turn.”His voice was still a little shaky.Matt shook his head, “Not a chance. Besides Colby will end up telling
someone.”"We Preteen Models Tube had a deal and if I say I won’t tell anyone, then I won’t. The only way
I would break a deal with someone is if they break one with me, like you
guys are doing.” Colby said seriously looking right at Carlos.Carlos knew what that meant. He was stuck, “C’mon Matt lets just do it and
get it over with.”Matt slapped the carpet, “Fine! I hate you Colby.” he said as he laid back
down on the carpet.Carlos got into position and took Matt’s dick in his mouth.”God Carlos you’re asshole is right in my face!” Matt said before he took
Carlos’s dick in his mouth.Matt thought it felt ok but he just wasn’t comfortable with sucking
Carlos’s dick. Carlos felt the same way. He preferred to be on the
receiving end. Clint and Colby sat next to each watching Carlos and
Matt. Clint put his hand on Colby’s back and looked at him. Colby looked
back at Clint giving him a silly smile. Clint was really beginning to like
Colby. He didn’t know if it was because he so funny, cute or had just given
him his first blowjob.After a couple of minutes Preteen Models Tube Matt and Carlos had had a Preteen Models Tube
enough and got up.”Hey you know what?”, Colby asked smiling.Matt took the bait, “What Colby?”"You two looked like total fags” Colby teased and then threw himself on the
bed laughing like crazy.”You’re such a fucking dick!” Matt yelled.That was Preteen Models Tube the final straw. You could always tell when Matt was totally
pissed off, the “frickin” turned to “fucking” He lept onto Colby and
started trying to punch him. Colby was laughing too hard to really care.It was about to get really ugly when, “Boys!!”Clint’s eyes got real big “Shit! It’s mom!”"Boys! Come help with the groceries!” Clint and Matt’s mom yelled.The fight was forgotten as all four boys scrambled to find their clothes in
the pile on the floor. The hastily got dressed. Clint looked down at his
shorts and he was still hard.”Tell mom I’ll be there in a minute”, Clint told Matt.Matt nodded as he walked out the door with Carlos and Colby on his heels.
Clint waited for a few minutes, thinking about what had happened. The door
to his room opened and he was sure it would be his mother. Instead it was
Colby.”You forget something Colby?” Clint asked.”No. I was wondering what time your mom was going to work tomorrow?”"About 7:30. Why?” Clint asked.”Matt’s spending the night at Carlos’s” Colby told him.Clint still wasn’t following “So?”"Well I thought maybe I could come hang out with you.” Colby explained,
raising his eyebrows up and down.Clint finally caught on. “Sure. That would be way cool.”"F’in A! I’ll see you tomorrow.” Colby said as he left.Clint was already getting an excited feeling deep in his stomach. A moment
later the door opened again and just Colby’s head appeared.”Oh yeah. You’re doing me first.” Colby said as he stuck his tongue out and
then disappeared again.Clint smiled. This was a going to be a great summer.
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